Lenovo’s Lost & Found Helps Owners Recover Missing Computers

If you have ever lost a laptop, you know how much of a hassle it can be to get it back. Even if you manage to get in touch with the person who found it, you can still run into problems over shipping costs or having to go out of your way to meet the finder face-to-face. Last week, Lenovo introduced a helpful feature for ThinkPad users called Lost & Found which simplifies the procedure and lets you get your notebook back in record time!

The new feature is installed on ThinkPad notebooks under Absolute Software’s Computrace subscription service and allows owners to recover their machines in an easy manner. When you notice that you lost your computer, you can raise the alarm by contacting Absolute Software who will lock your notebook. Anyone who turns your machine on will be prompted to call a hotline through which they can get a free pre-paid shipping box and send the laptop to Lenovo who will return it to you at no cost!

The Lost & Found feature is now available on all ThinkPad notebooks. Even computers purchased before the release will receive an automatic update later in October which will give them the additional security of Lost & Found!