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Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Reasons to upgrade to Windows 7

As with every software release the question of whether or not you should upgrade surfaces. Windows 7 is no exception and there's no shortage of pundits weighing in on whether or not you should upgrade to Windows 7 on October 22nd. In an effort to help you make a more informed decision has pulled together a listing of reasons why you should and why you shouldn't upgrade to Windows 7 as well as our take on the matter.

Macworld 2009: Eikon Digital Privacy Manager & 1Password (Video)

How many passwords do you use daily logging on and off your computer, your favorite social network, or to pay bills online? Some of us don't have much of an issue with this because our browsers autofill and remember much of that information for us, but is that really safe? What if you lost your notebook or even worse, it was stolen? I may have found a great solution to ease your woes and make you look incredibly cool as you slide you instantly log onto your computer with the swipe of your finger!
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Review: Kensington ComboSaver Portable Notebook Lock (video)

Kensington Portable ComboSaverThe Kensington ComboSaver Portable notebook lock's self-coiling cable set it apart from the competition, making it more convenient to use and carry. If you aren't already using a notebook lock or are frustrated with your current one, you should definitely check out the latest ComboSaver.
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The Text Message Trap

Text Message Trap You should never let strangers borrow your mobile phone if you want to avoid scams. Within a few seconds,thieves can scam you out of big money.
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FBI Loses 160 Laptops: Lessons to Learn

LoJack CEO Unfortunately, no individual or group is immune to laptop theft. In today's mobile world, computer theft is commonplace. Many organizations are grappling with how to secure and accurately track laptop computers. The FBI is no exception.
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Symantec SNAFU- No Security License For Me

Nothingâ€â„¢s been more frustrating to me today than trying to buy a license to Symantecâ€â„¢s Client Security 3.1. About a month ago I star...
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Nerd Thugs Hack Wireless Router

This video's a little dramatic, but a good reminder to properly secure all of your wireless connections. Anything can be hacked, but there are some basic steps...