Using the HP MediaSmart to Rip DVDs

I've been using an HP Mediasmart for the past several months to backup all my PCs, archive my massive photo collection and stream music to all of my media players. This week I found a very easy way to rip my DVDs to my HP MediaSmart EX487.
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Palm Pre Review (videos)

With all the buzz leading up to the Palm Pre launch, you would think that the Pre would kill off all other smartphones. The other phones are still alive I am happy to report for the sake of my trusty BlackBerry Bold. The Pre officially launched and I finally got the chance to get my hands on it. It didn’t disappoint as it has some key distinguishing features like a GUI optimized for real multitasking.
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Review: MacSpeech Dictate 1.5

MacSpeech Dictate is a voice-recognition application for OSx users. I just unboxed a copy of MacSpeech and wrote this review by talking to my MacBook Pro.

Review: iHome iP71 Notebook/iPhone Speakers

tv020_av1iHome's iP71 notebook speakers are feature packed and include an integrated iPod dock. The iP71's sound quality isn't stunning, but there's still a lot to like about this product. The speakers are shielded, which means they're resistant to interference caused by iPhones and other mobile devices.

HP Mini 2140 Review, Editor’s Choice Award

The Mini 2140 is clearly tailored to suit the needs of business users. We’ve awarded the Mini 2140 a Editor’s Choice award for its outstanding build quality, customization options and long battery life. In a sea of netbooks, the Mini 2140 stands out as the only real business machine.

HP Pavilion dv2 Unboxed, First Impressions

dv2_unboxedAMD sent over an HP Pavilion dv2 for us to evaluate and I wanted to share some photos of it and my first thoughts. The HP Pavilion dv2 fits somewhere between a premium ultraportable and a netbook, sharing some characteristics of each.

Review: Otterbox Impact Case for iPhone 3G

otterbox-impact-iphone-case-backThe Otterbox impact case does a great job at protecting the iPhone 3G without adding too much bulk. I've bought a handful of thin iPhone cases, but haven't liked any of them as much as the OttherBox iPhone 3G Impact Case.

Review of the Ipevo TR-10 Speakerphone for Skype & iChat

The TR-10 is perfectly shaped to plug into an available usb port and place right next to you on your desk or coffee table. Do you find yourself using Skype or iChat for group conference calls, huddling around a single computer trying to understand what's being said by the people on the other side? Just get one of these puppies and place it in the middle of the huddle. The TR-10 is pretty loud and does a good job of making sure your voice is heard by those listening to you one the other line.

Review: Asus Eee PC 1000HE Netbook

eee_1000he_asus_lidI've previously called the Asus 1000HE netbook one of the best values in the netbook market in terms of bang per buck but I had to try it out myself to see if it actually lives up to my expectations. For a typical street price of $375 to $399, the Asus 1000HE netbook simply can't be beat in terms of value. It is one of the best netbooks on the market at any price.

Cocoon Innovations: Best Bags of CES 2009

cocoon_bags_ces-8Cocoon Innovations is about to change how women carry their gadgets. This stylish startup's selection of sleeves and bags are the nicest I saw at CES and the only ones that come close to being able to hold everything business women carry on a regular basis.

Review: B-Flex 2 Hi-Fi Stereo USB Speaker for Laptops

Have you ever used your laptop as a portable media player or hooked it up to a projector for a presentation at the office? If you have, chances are you also strained your ears to listen to the weak sound trickling out from the underpowered speakers. Want an affordable and portable solution? Then try the B-Flex 2 USB speakers from Jlabs.

Gift Idea: Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software

RosettaStone can help you or your student learn 31 languages and dialects using a computer instead of books, CDs or lectures. RosettaStone’s software would make a great gift for anyone who wants to learn a language, but doesn’t want to sit through tortuous lectures. RosettaStone has it’s flaws, but I prefer it to learning languages in a classroom.

Review: HP Mini 1000 Netbook Earns Editor’s Choice Award

A lot of netbooks look and feel like toys, but HP’s blessed the Mini 1000 with design cues borrowed from its Pavilion notebooks, making it the best looking netbook to date. This Mini 1000 is an excellent choice for anyone that understands the limitations of a netbook, likes the idea of simplicity and favors style over having a couple of extra ports and plugs.

Review: Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset Assassinates Noise

Aliph's Jawbone 2 is my favorite Bluetooth headset and an item that should be on the top of your holiday shopping list. It's both highly functional and highly fashionable, pleasing users with its NoiseAssassin technology and sleek styling.

Review: iTrip Universal by Griffin Technology

I have used a number of of FM radio adapters like the iTrip in the past, but Griffin has done a great job at improving upon previous approaches. The iTrip is not only for iPods. Any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack will do, including a laptop.
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Review: Voodoo Envy 133

Hubert reviews the Voodoo Envy 133, a luxury notebook that costs about $2,100. While the Envy 133 isn't perfect, he said Voodoo "Built the sexiest ultra-thin laptop on the planet."
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Review: Bamboo Notebook Stand and Cord Organizer

I love keeping notebooks and gadgets within arm's reach at all times, but surged protectors and tangled cords are pretty unsightly (as my wife gently reminds me on a near daily basis). This bamboo stand from KangaRoom cools your notebook, hides its power adapter and has two slots to charge your mobile devices whiloe hiding their adapters.