Palm Pre Review (videos)

With all the buzz leading up to the Palm Pre launch, you would think that the Pre would kill off all other smartphones. The other phones are still alive I am happy to report for the sake of my trusty BlackBerry Bold. The Pre officially launched and I finally got the chance to get my hands on it.

It didn’t disappoint as it has some key distinguishing features like a GUI optimized for real multitasking. Palm calls these Cards” probably based on their size, shape, and manner of closing- and they are very useful. It’s a challenge to describe in print so I shot some videos to show off the Palm Pre’s capabilities.

One of the key purchase criteria for a smartphone is size. Consumers consider whether they will carry in their pocket, purse, or for the real geek, in the front shirt pocket. In the video below I compare the Palm Pre size to the T-Mobile G1, the BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Bold, and the Apple iTouch.

Tired of scrambling for that mini-USB, micro-USB or proprietary power cable? Palm obviously listened to consumers when they developed the optional Touchstone Charging Kit.” It uses magnetic induction technology so that there are no cables to plug in when you need power. Just set the Pre on the Touchstone, and it starts charging. The Touchstone and back of the Pre click together magnetically and aside from being incredibly useful, is a lot of fun! Both the Pre back cover and the base of the charger are rubberized too which provides a soft landing. Check out the video below that shows this.

Pat Moorhead is VP of Advanced Marketing at AMD. You can follow him on twitter at @PatrickMoorhead

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