HP Ships Convertible EliteBook Revolve G2 Tablet PC with Haswell

This week HP announced that they refreshed a pair of EliteBook computers including their convertible EliteBook Revolve G2 convertible tablet PC. They added a new Haswell Intel processor to bump the power while extending the battery life. The EliteBook Revolve G2 still twists around so that users can convert it from a regular notebook design to a tablet PC with the screen twisted 180 degrees and then folded back covering the keyboard. Use it as a touchscreen PC or with finer control using the active digitizer, according to GottaBeMobile.

Revolve G2 converitble pc

HP added a Haswell processor to make the EliteBook Revolve G2 more powerful. The battery will also lasts longer. In addition they updated the pen technology, which means owners of the older version can’t use their old stylus nor will this new one work on the old tablets. The good news is the pen technology makes things more accurate.

Revolve G2 with new pen technology

The sturdy design comes with a magnesium chassis and a keyboard that resists spills. HP designed the Revolve G2 to comply with MIL-STG 810G military specs for rugged computers. That means it will hold up in more extreme environments where regular computers won’t fare as well.

Revolve G2 thin profile

The machine measures just over three pounds and still feels thin and light thanks to a slim profile.

The Haswell processor comes in one of three classes – Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. Users can stay unplugged longer thanks to the Haswell architecture that also stays cooler than older models with previous gen processors.

Revolve G2 back

Users can get these this month for just over $1,300 starting out. Buyers can add an optional 4G LTE radio built-in for mobile broadband and high speeds. The standard 802.11 a/b/g/n will handle Wi-Fi connections and Ethernet comes along for a wired network connection.

Revolve G2 top with pen

These convertible models seem to draw new attention thanks to the release of Windows 8. The Revolve’s display measures 11.6 inches and offers a 1366×768 resolution making it a lower end HD display. We’d like to see computers get away from 1366×768 displays since they’re a little low, but they’re still standard for most PCs today.

Users can get one with a 128 or 256 GB SSD for fast low-power storage. Other details include a nice backlit keyboard, USB 3.0, DisplayPort and an SD card reader. Expect them on December 20th.

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