Watch Live TV On Your Notebook With Time Warner Cable

Time Warner announced this week that Time Warner customers can now watch Live TV on their notebooks and desktops with TWC TV.

Time Warner announced the new service, which is similar to the TWC TV app for the iPad and iPhone in a blog post this week.

The new live TV streaming service works with Mac and PC as well as an assortment of browsers, so you can use it on most computers in your house. Unfortunately Time Warner is limiting the viewing to your home, so this won’t replace Slingbox for remote viewing.

Time Warner Cable for Notebooks Live TV

Watch Live TV on Your Notebook with Time Warner.

There is no extra charge to watch Time Warner Cable on your notebook, but you must have a qualifying Internet and Cable TV package through Time Warner. If you have a DVR or cable box and cable Internet, you most likely qualify to use the beta of TWC TV for your computer.

To watch tv on your computer you need to go to

You’ll be asked to sign in, and you may need to upgrade to Silverlight 4 to watch Live TV.

When you are logged in, click on Live TV and you’ll be ready to go . Time Warner offers access to about a hundred channels, including popular news channels, USA, SyFy, USA, NATGEO and many more. You won’t find the big names in TV like NBC, FOX, CBS or Comedy Central, but this is still a nice collection of channels.

Time Warner Cable for your computer works great in my trial, running beautifully in Chrome on one side of my monitor while I type this post. The video scales to fit your browser window, and there is a full screen option which will fill up your display.

If you have a media center PC or a notebook with Intel Wireless Display, I would bookmark this app right now. While you don’t get the same channels as on your set top box, I prefer the guide on TWC TV over the sluggish and poorly designed interface on Time Warner Cable’s DVRs.

Time Warner Cable TV for your notebook comes with the following featuers.

  1. Live TV – Users scroll the “channel browser” to see a list of available channels with listings displaying network logo, show name, and episode name.
  2. Guide – Up to 7 days of listings data. Option to filter guide display by “favorites only,” “HD only” or ”available to watch on PC.” You can also set channels as favorites from the Guide.
  3. Set-top box tuning – “Watch on TV” button within the program description to tune an MDN/ODN set-top box directly to the channel.
  4. PC tuning – “Watch on PC” button within the program description to tune PC directly to the channel.
  5. DVR management – Schedule one-time and series recordings on MDN/ODN DVRs directly from the Guide’s show pages. Click on the “DVR” tab to see a list of all upcoming recordings and make changes or cancel recordings.
  6. Search – Ability to search the Guide by show title, episode and/or by person.
  7. Settings – Ability to manage Favorite channels, link to set Parental Controls, choose the Device (STB/DVR) to which you are connected for STB/DVR management, and turn on/off Closed Captioning on the website’s video player.

The service works on Internet Explorer 7.0 and up, Firefox 4 and up for mac and windows, Safari 5 and up for mac and windows and Chrome (release 17).

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