Apple Still Negotiating Content Deals for the iPad Launch

After a successful first day of pre-orders and brisk traffic since, there is even more pressure for Apple to produce a quality product in the iPad. One of the main reasons many have ordered is to read ebooks or watch videos. This has left many users wondering, “Will these be available on the device April 3rd?” According to Wall Street Journal, Apple is working hard to make that happen.

Apple already has deals with many book publishers, but it’s not just books they want. The Journal also reports that a cheaper price for TV shows is part of some last minute negotiating. However, the report says that … nailing down the content has proven difficult as some potential collaborators weigh the advantages of working with Apple against the potential threats to their current sources of revenue, these people add.”


Apple will want to make these deals knowing that even though they control the content on the iPad, they have to compete with the Amazon Kindle app as well as the Barnes and Noble app right on their own device, not to mention the Kindle and Nook ebook readers and upcoming slates. As far as video goes users will be able to purchase standard iTunes content and watch it on the iPad, but it would be a big PR win for Steve Jobs and Apple if the company can announce cheaper TV shows or a subscription service on April 3rd. And that, would drive more iPad sales.

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