HP Folio 13 Hands On Video

Most of the Ultrabooks we have seen are aimed at the consumer, but the HP Folio 13 changes that. HP gives us an enterprise look at the Ultrabook with this new ProBook-esque notebook.

Based on my experience with the HP ProBook notebooks, it’s clear that HP knows the business world, and it’s good to see that shine through in the HP Folio 13.

This notebook has a .71 inch thick frame so you can take this notebook anywhere, and a 13.3″ Brightview display to keep you working in harsh lighting situations. While the notebook is thin, you get a full suite of ports, including full size Ethernet, HDMI, SD card slot, and USB 3.0, as well as a 9 hour battery. All of this adds up to a 3.3 pound weight, which is light enough to carry without a second thought.

HP Folio 13 Hands On Video

The keyboard on the Folio 13 remains impressive, with a springy feel and good feedback. The touchpad is an HP ClickPad, which is improved over early HP Clickpad models, so we have hopes that it will deliver an above average mousing experience.

HP Folio 13 Hands On

The HP Folio uses the latest Intel Core i family of processors and retails for $899. The price is important given the crowded Ultrabook market and enterprise focus of this notebook.

Based on our hands on, I’d suggest home users also consider this business ready Ultrabook when they are shopping for a new notebook.

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