HP ENVY Spectre 14 Hands-On Video

Here at CES 2012 there are a number of new notebooks, but the glass loving HP ENVY Spectre 14 stands out in a crowded room with a design that incorporates glass on multiple sides.

I was able to go hands on with the new glass covered beauty at PepCom and came away impressed with the look and feel of the device, but hoping for a more intimate experience with the new HP ImagePad.

I was curious about the glass coverings, but after playing with the glass and seeing a Gorilla Glass demo next door, I enjoyed the looks of the notebook and have hopes for the resilience of the device. The glass isn’t just for looks though, HP tells us that this notebook enjoys better radio performance thanks to the glass lid, bezel and palm rest.

HP ENVY Spectre 14 Hands On Video

In our ENVY Spectre 14 hands on video, you can see a closer look at all the ports, including a little flip down Ethernet port that gives you access to corded connections without the need for a dongle.

I do like the look and feel of this notebook, which doesn’t borrow from the MacBook Air like many Ultrabooks have done. We’ll be paying close attention to this new notebook from HP, and hope to get a review unit in soon to put it through its paces.

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