PandaBar Adds Pandora to Menu Bar and Brings Keyboard Media Controls [Mac]

If you use Pandora on a regular basis, you need to download PandaBar right now.

PandaBar is a Mac App that brings Pandora to your Mac menu bar, but it doesn’t stop there. In addition to moving Pandora out of your browser, it also supports keyboard shortcuts for media playback and the Apple remote.

The app runs on its own, using little memory, so that you don’t have to keep a browser open or worry about closing your Pandora tab in the middle of an epic guitar solo.

PandaBar is Mac only, and is available in the Mac App Store for $4.99. The app works with Pandora One and regular Pandora subscribers.

PandaBar adds Keybaord media buton control to Pandora

PandaBar puts Pandora in the Menu Bar and Supports Keyboard Media Buttons.

Once you have PandaBar installed, you can control all of Pandora in your menubar. This includes switching tracks, changing stations and thumbing a song up or down. Best of all, you can use the media controls on your keyboard to control Pandora. This includes Pause, Play and skip track.

I have been looking for an app with all of these features since I discovered Pandora, and can definitely say that PandaBar is well worth $5.

PandaBar Allows Full Pandora Access in the Menu Bar

PandaBar Allows Full Pandora Access in the Menu Bar

Via Lifehacker

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