What Do Bombs, Stolen Goods and Serial Robbers Have in Common?

They have all been recovered when Absolute helped law enforcement track down stolen notebooks. Without special software, a lost notebook can ruin your day and potentially cause thousands of dollars in lost information.

If you have the right software installed, you can track down stolen laptops, recovering your hardware and company information. Absolute Software makes notebook tracking technology which can be used to wipe files from notebooks and to help law enforcement track down stolen notebooks. With 5.5 Million computers stolen annually, there are bound to be some amazing stories, so we went to the makers of LoJack for Laptops to find out some of the craziest laptop recovery stories.

5 Crazy Laptop Recovery Stories

Absolute Diffuses Risky Situation: Laptop Recovery Leads Law Enforcement to Stockpile of Explosives

An organization’s ex-employee stole a company laptop before leaving the business. Using Absolute’s forensic tools, Theft Recovery Investigators were able to identify that the user was actively searching for bomb-making materials. Absolute alerted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the laptop was recovered – alongside several dangerous, improvised explosive devices.

The $100,000 Recovery: A Major Michigan Community College Recovers Thousands in Stolen Goods

After noticing that four laptops locked in his classroom were missing, a professor from a Flint, Michigan based college notified campus security. As the campus computers were protected with Computrace for added security, Absolute leveraged forensic tools to provide the thief’s known location. With search warrants in hand, police were able to recover more than $100,000 in collateral – filling up an entire police car with stolen campus goods including computers, digital cameras, and personal items belonging to campus employees.

Stealing the Show: Absolute’s Theft Recovery Team Tracks Down a Laptop… and a Serial Robber

Barry Sebesta, a Bradfordwoods, PA resident came home from work to find his house had been broken into. Immediately noticing that his laptop and his wife’s wedding band and engagement ring were missing, Barry called the police and also filed a report with Absolute. Working in parallel with local police, Absolute’s Theft Recovery Investigators were able to pinpoint the location of Barry’s laptop using LoJack for Laptops, leading the police to a thief who had committed over a dozen burglaries, with more than 1,000 pieces of stolen jewelry in his possession. “The police had no leads prior to the location provided by the Theft Recovery Team,” said Sebesta. “Now, I tell everyone about LoJack for Laptops.”

Computrace Outsmarts The Rest: Detroit Public Schools Recovers More Than 300 Laptops

With 141 schools throughout the Detroit Public Schools district, DPS looked to Absolute’s Computrace product to protect 56,000 computers used by teachers, administrators and students. In one particular case, DPS used Computrace and the help of local authorities to track down a stolen laptop to a computer repair shop well known for wiping clean devices and subsequently re-setting their passwords. As Computrace survives hard drive wipes, DPS was able to identify the laptop and facilitate its return. “We would have never recovered any of the 300 plus laptops stolen from our district without the aid of Absolute Software,” said Robert Barenie, special investigator for DPS.

Laptop Recovery 101: Absolute Software Recovers College Laptop

College freshman Bill Kotnarowski was no stranger to laptop theft. Having heard stories of laptops being stolen on college campuses, Bill made sure to purchase Computrace LoJack for Laptops in order to protect his “lifeline” and all of the information stored on it. According to a survey conducted by Absolute Software, dorm rooms and schools are among the top five places for laptop theft. Bill made the mistake of leaving his backpack, with his laptop in it, unattended on the first floor of his house one night. His backpack was stolen that night, and when he notified the police, he was informed that his laptop was one of 12 that had been stolen in the last two days. Immediately, Bill reported the stolen laptop to Absolute Software. With the help of their Theft Recovery Team, Absolute Software was able to track down the computer and get it back to him. Relieved, Bill said, “If I were to ever buy another laptop, there’s no question in my mind that I would purchase LoJack for Laptops with it.”

What is Laptop Tracking Software?

Laptop tracking software like that from Absolute is available for businesses and consumers who want to be able to track down stolen hardware. Unlike other solutions, such as Prey, where the user needs to work with police on their own, Absolute will work directly with law enforcement to help find your stolen notebook.

We tested out Lojack for Laptops last summer while on the road and where impressed with the tool. Even if the thief wipes your hard drive, Absolute can still track down your stolen notebook or laptop. You can also use these tools to remotely remove files from your computer or lock it up so that the thief can’t get to your files. In addition to the consumer version, Absolute makes a corporate notebook tracking and recovery tool.