How to Get Apps On Your Notebook and Netbook (Angry Birds, Flight Control, Fruit Ninja & More)

Apps, Apps, Apps. IT seems all the cool devices these days have apps. While tablets and smartphones may be getting the most attention, you can add apps to your netbook and notebook with the Intel AppUp store. The Intel AppUp store has a collection of popular apps and works on Windows notebooks and netbooks running Windows XP and Windows 7.

Intel App Up App Store for Windows

How to Install Apps like Angry Birds on Windows

1. Your first step is to install the Intel AppUp Center which is available for free from Intel and runs on anything from an Intel Atom powered netbook to a Core i7 notebook. Unfortunately, you can’t use it on MacBooks.

2. After you Install the App Up Center, you can browse the games like Angry Birds, Flight Control, Fruit Ninja and more as well as apps for education, business, productivity and more. Basically, you have access to a wide range of software in one location, just like the app stores you are used to on your phone. The Intel AppUp store has an added bonus of being chock full of apps that will work on low power netbooks.

3. When you find an app you want, you just click install and the app will download and install so that you can play it or use it whenever you want to.

Favorite Intel AppUp Apps for Notebooks and Netbooks

These are just the tip of the iceberg, the Intel App Up Store has a large number of fun games and apps as well as business and productivity tools to keep you productive on your netbook or notebook.  If you have a favorite, let us know.

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