Dell Ultrathin 15.6″ Sandy Bridge Adamo Replacement Arriving by End of May

Dell may have discontinued the stylish Adamo notebook line, but the company doesn’t appear to be giving up the ultraportable market to Apple and Samsung. Sources tell Cnet that Dell has been readying a new ultrathin ultraportable, and will bring it to market within a few weeks. Reportedly the new notebook will be made from “special materials” and come to market for under $1,000, which is basically saying you need to save up $999.99.

Dell Adamo, Discontinued

There aren’t any concrete details, but what we know so far is that this new notebook will likely be the first 15.6″ notebook to compete in the ultraportable arena, at least in recent memory. From the sound of it, The Dell ultraportable will also have a high resolution display, which we are taking as somewhere north of the standard 1366×768.

The Dell ultraportable is rumored to be using new Intel Core i5 and Core i7 Sandy Bridge processors, likely the same ULV 2nd Gen Core i processors we expect to see in the updated MacBook Air in June.

If all of this comes together, it should address many complaints about previous ultraportables and importantly, it shows that Dell is shooting for a moving target rather than trying to match the current MacBook Air specs, which are already 6 months old.

We don’t currently have a name for the new ultraportable from Dell, but it won’t likely bear the Adamo brand which has been completely laid to rest. Instead, it is more likely that this new ultraportable will mark the launch of a new line. One that doesn’t sound like a Derek Zoolander look.

Via Ubergizmo

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