Intel Atom N570 Processor Arrives in Netbooks from HP, Asus, Acer and Lenovo

Earlier this month Intel announced the latest netbook processor in the Atom line, the Intel Atom N570 dual core processor. The new Atom processor has a slightly higher clock speed of 1.66GHz, compared to the previous generation Intel Atom N550, but retains the same power draw so battery life should be similar to the previous generation.

Dual core Atom netbooks are able to handle a wider variety of tasks than a single core atom netbook with enhanced processing power and the ability to deliver a richer multimedia experience. That said, the increase from an Intel Atom N550 dual core processor to an Intel Atom N570 dual core processor will not likely be very noticeable. Many of the new netbooks carry a price premium, so you may want to stick with the Atom N550 processor option while you can score a deal.

Already we are seeing an influx of netbooks which make use fo the new processor from Acer, ASUS, HP and Lenovo. We also expect to see a Samsung netbook arrive soon with the Intel Atom N570 processor.

Intel Atom N570 Dual Core Netbooks:

ASUS Eee PC 1015PW – 1.66GHz Atom N570, 10.1″ display 1GB RAM, 250GB hard drive. Coming in March.

[amazon_link id=”B004I8W4T0″ target=”_blank” ]Acer Aspire One AOD255E[/amazon_link] – Intel Atom N570 1.66GHz, 10.1″ display, 1GB RAM, 250GB hard drive. Available now for $329.

HP Mini 11010.1″ display, 1GB RAM, Intel Atom N570 processor option expected later in March.

HP Mini 21010.1″ display, 1GB RAM, Intel Atom N570 processor option expected later in March. Mini 210 Review

Lenovo IdeaPad S100 The Lenovo IdeaPad S100 has a 10.1″ display, Intel Atom N570 option, up to 2GB RAM and up to 320GB hard drive. Models start at $329.99 and ship in March.

Buying Advice:

We expect to see even more netbooks announced with support of the Intel Atom N570 processor in the coming months, but unless you can get a discount or sale you will get more bang for your buck by finding an Intel Atom N550 powered netbook.

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