Find a Notebook or Laptop in Your Price Range with Bing Shopping

The biggest determining factor for most notebook shoppers is price. With a new natural language processing feature, Bing is now able to understand how much you want to pay for a notebook and show you a collection of notebooks and laptops in your price range. The new feature is easy to use, and yields a collection of useful results, showing you the best price on each notebook it finds from a wide array of retailers.

To find a notebook in your budget on Bing Shopping, just search for “Notebooks under $500“, “Notebooks Under $1000” or whatever price you want to see. You can sort your results by price, consumer ratings or expert ratings and you can even narrow by brand by searching for “HP Notebooks Under $500“.

This feature also works in the Bing for Mobile app so you’ll be able to pull up “Notebooks under $700” on your phone while you are looking around at Best Buy, for a wider comparison.

The search isn’t perfect yet and you’ll find some notebook parts or accessories mixed in for some searches, but it is still an easy way to look for a notebook that fit’s your price range. The Natural language processing keys in on the price part of your query and can also be used to search for other gadgets or items in your price range.

We had good luck searching for Laptop bags under a certain price as well as looking for monitors and other notebook accessories that we could afford.

Learn more about how Bing uses natural language processing to figure out what you want at the Bing Shopping Blog.

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