Windows Notebook Sales Surge At The End Of August

According to research by the NPD Group, notebook sales exceeded expectations this Back-to-School season. The last two weeks of August saw very strong sales, possibly spurred by low prices. After a slow start earlier this summer and lowered sales at the beginning of the year, manufacturers and retailers must have been happy to see a return to buying.

Windows notebooks in particular are seeing good sales. With consumers looking for deals, it’s not surprising that they’ll turn to PCs when Macs start out at $999. Not exactly tight budget friendly.

While I’m sure that low prices had a lot to do with this — we’re still in a financial crisis, after all — I wonder if the surge had to do with consumers facing reality. For the past couple of years the tech world has indulged in a love fest over tablets, going so far as to suggest they’re great for students. Tablets are a good tool for students when used in conjunction with a good computer, not instead of. But for a while students and parents were getting bad advice (or, at least, wrong implications) on that score.

I wonder how many people bought an iPad, used it for a few weeks, and went, “Oh crap, I need a real computer!” and pounced on the end of August sales.

Or maybe it was just the good promos, like NPD said.

What are your thoughts, readers?

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