Tech Elite at Silicon Valley Conference Favor MacBooks and ThinkPads

AlwaysOn Notebooks

I’m spending part of the day at AlwaysOn’s Stanford Summit, a conference where startup execs and industry leaders discuss tech issues. Everyone here is a tech expert and can probably afford whatever gadgets they desire, so it’s interesting to see what they notebooks they use. Right now I’m watching a panel about social networking that includes one of the founders of Facebook and a Yahoo! senior vice president.

The most prominent brand of notebooks here at the conference is Apple by far. There are too many MacBooks and MacBook Pros in the crowd to count. About half of the bloggers and journalists are using Apple notebooks. Apple accounts for only 6% of PC sales worldwide, but you’d never guess it was that low if you were at this conference.

There are far more ThinkPads here than any other Windows based notebooks- mostly T-Series and X-series. There is a grab bag of Dell and HP users, and a good number of Sony VAIO users. Virtually everyone here is using business notebooks (ThinkPads, HP’s Compaq nc series, Dell Lattidue, Sony Vaio TX and SZ, etc.), but a few are using consumer models (saw a few HP tx1000 tablets and several Dell Inspirons).

AlwaysOn Notebooks