Sony VAIO X Reviewed as a Netbook

Laptop Mag has their review of the Sony VAIO X up. Things don’t look too good for the VAIO X as the review gives it a 3/5, but something about Laptop’s review feels a bit… off. Perhaps it is because in the opening paragraph, they try to tell everyone that the Sony VAIO X is a netbook, and that there is no two-ways about it. The VAIO X does run on Intel Atom, which powers many netbooks today, but just because something runs Atom doesn’t mean that it is a netbook. The VAIO X is in fact, an ultra-portable, which one could argue is a totally different category.vaio xThe hallmark features of a netbook are small and inexpensive. Netbooks are specifically designed to be cheap. The Sony VAIO X on the other hand is designed to be extremely thin and light, first, while price considerations come second.

Comparing the VAIO X to a netbook and claiming it to be overly expensive is like setting a Ferrari next to a Toyota and saying that the Ferrari is too expensive and is a relative gas guzzler to boot (but they are both the same right?! They both have four wheels!). Most people will realize that with a Ferrari you are paying for quality and high design, with price being a symptom of those things, rather than the factor around which the whole product is designed.

Though it is hard to argue with a solid review, and Laptop Mag definitely delivers. If you are interested in the VAIO X, you should have a read.

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