OnLive Offering Free MicroConsole with Homefront Preorder

We’ve been reviewing the OnLive gaming service which delivers cloud based gaming to your computer or to your HDTV with the OnLive Microconsole gaming system and so far are enjoying the streaming gaming experience. The service isn’t without its issues, mainly the need for a speedy and reliable data connection, but it’s hard to pass up free.

Right now OnLive is offering a free OnLive gaming console to users who preorder Homefront, and is including the instant delivery of Metro 2033, a FPS that you can start playing on your Mac or PC right now. When Homefront ships on March 15th, OnLive will send you a Microconsole for shipping and taxes so that you can play on your HDTV.

Homefront description

Set in a future where a foreign invader has broken the U.S. military, occupied America and beaten its citizens into submission, Homefront paints a picture so frightening and riveting that it makes you want to join the Resistance and fight back.

The experience so far is good, but keep in mind you do need a fast Internet connection and we have had a few times where gaming was not available due to a slow network. Still, it’s hard to pass up a deal like this.

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