Get Portal — Recipient of over 70 Game of the Year Awards – for Mac and PC Free Until May 24th!

portal Our very own Josh Smith recently covered the fact that the popular Steam gaming service is finally coming to Mac huge news for Mac users.

You may have caught that news, but what I absolutely don’t want any of you to miss out on is that to promote the Steam service finding its way onto Mac, Steam is giving away the game Portal for the awesome price of free until may 24th!

You may have a few questions, and luckily, I’ve got the answers:

What is Steam, and why is it significant that it is coming to Mac?”

You can think of Steam like you do iTunes. It is a piece of software that runs on your computer and gives you a tidy library of games (instead of music). Additionally, through it, you can access the Steam store, where you can find a large selection of some very popular games; you can purchase these games and they will be downloaded right into your Steam game library.

This is huge for Mac users because Windows has, for a long time, been the dominating gaming platform for non-console video games. There were certainly a few titles for Mac, but the fact that Steam now runs on Mac means that Mac users can now enjoy a huge selection of games that were once Windows-only.

For a full list of games that are available for Mac see the following:

What is SteamPlay?”

SteamPlay is a service tied directly into the Steam software which allows gamers to enjoy any compatible game on PC or Mac. If you purchase a Steam game on your PC, you can run Steam on your Mac and download and play the game without paying for it again (using your Steam account). SteamPlay also saves saved game files to the cloud, so you can play on your PC, then pick up right where you left off on your Mac — how cool is that?

What is Portal and why should I try it?”

If you have any interest in video games (computer or console), I must implore you to not miss this fantastic opportunity (the game is completely free until May 24th!). Portal is a stunningly original game that will leave you begging for more (and subsequently eagerly awaiting the coming sequel). Portal is a first person puzzle game which combines challenging puzzles with the fast paced action of a first person shooter. Along for the ride is a unique style and some quirky characters all situated in an intriguing scenario that will have you wondering if there is something deeper to the seemingly straight forward tasks at hand. Get a little taste of the game by watching the teaser trailer below:

I’m not alone in my affinity for Portal, Portal has won over 70 game of the year awards according to the game’s developer.

Ok you’ve got me convinced, how do I get Portal for free on Mac and/or PC?”


  1. If you already have Steam installed on your Mac or PC, you can skip this step! If you don’t have Steam installed, follow this link to do so:
  2. To get Portal for free: follow this link:
  3. Click on the big GET PORTAL NOW button
  4. Scroll down to find the green Install Game button
  5. Sign in to your Steam account, if you don’t have one, click the button to make one, it’s completely free and will be the account that you use to access your games through the Steam software on PC or Mac
  6. Once you’ve signed in with your account, Portal will be registered with your account. Simply launch the Steam software and go the the Library tab, you’ll find Portal in your games list, waiting for you to press the Install button after highlighting it
  7. Once the game is downloaded and installed, you are ready to play, enjoy!

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