Brady Cases Makes a Rockin’ MacBook Pro Case (Video)

We can’t all tour with our favorite band, but if you want to look like you are on tour when you take your notebook out on the road, or maybe you just need a heavy duty case, you need to see the MacBook Pro case that Brady Cases put together. Brady Cases specializes in custom cases for the music industry and the owner cooked up this notebook case to carry his MacBook Pro and gear with him wherever he goes.

This case isn’t small, but we’ll forget that because it contains everything he Brady needs to get to work — and it’s internally wired with an iPhone dock, portable hard drive, scanner and power for all the items including the MacBook Pro. To get to work you remove the top of the case, plug in an extension cord to the jack on the back and get ready to rock out, err, work hardcore.

Here’s a video from Brady Cases, giving you a look around their custom made MacBook Pro case.

Brady Cases makes all types of cases for the music industry as well as weapons cases, cases for the aerospace industry and pretty much everything in between. Since the cases are custom you can add ports, choose sizes and much more to get a cool case that fits your needs. The only thing you need to bring is the tech…and stickers from your favorite band.

I don’t travel enough to need a case like this, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one. With all the internally wiring it’s practically the ScotteVest of notebook cases.

If you want to see more, hit up Brady Cases where they have a collection of cases on display for music, display, aerospace, sports, weapons and more.

Here’s a gallery of some notebook cases from Brady Cases:

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