Google Docs Refreshed: Adds Collections, Sharing Pane and More for Easier Use

Google has refreshed the Google Docs documents list today, adding collections, a sharing pane and more features that make Google Docs a much nicer place to keep all of your documents. All of these improvements make one of our favorite tools even better, especially for users who keep all types of files in Google Docs.

In addition to the many new look and feel enhancements, Google Docs now has Priority Sorting which works like Google Priority Inbox to help you find important documents. There are new filters which you can find along the top of your documents menu.

Collections replace the folders, offering a nicer way to view your items and offers an easy place to keep related documents together. This is a must have if you use Google Docs to work with several groups.

In addition to the better organization, you also gain a sharing pane that makes it easy to glance at a document and see who it is shared with. You can also see what collections it belongs to and when it was last accessed, as well as who was the last user in the document.

For users who upload images to Google Docs you can also click on an image to launch a photo viewer in a full screen mode which offers a much nicer way to browse through your photos.

For more information on each of these enhancements and how to use them, check out the Google Document List help article.

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