HP WebOS Tablet Images and Details Leaked

When Palm was bought by HP, it was only a matter of time before we saw something tangible in the works. It is possible that this could be announced as soon as February 9. Two images were posted on Engadget that were reported to be “internal renders” of a 9-inch WebOS tablet code named Topaz and a 7-inch tablet code named Opal.


The images offer a few hardware details of what the new HP/Palm tablets might include. Aside from the sizes, there seem to be no buttons on the front requiring all operations to be performed via gestures. There is a front facing camera, a micro USB port and speakers. On the back the housing is glossy. February 9th there is an HP press event with the slogan “Something big. Something small. Something beyond.” If it is about these tablets, the big and small are obvious – 9-inch and 7-inch tablets. Maybe they will also unearth future plans for the operating system or information about WebOS netbooks, which could be in the works based on a recent report about some information in training materials from HP.

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