Griffin CarTrip Connects Car and iPhone or iPad to Solve Mystery of Check Engine Light

Griffin announced the CarTrip an iOS accessory that hooks up to your car and reveals diagnostic data via an iOS app via Bluetooth connection. The result is that a user can finally learn what that Check Engine light is indicating among other things.


The small dongle connects to the car’s On-Board Diagnostic II connection (OBD-II) and sends the information it logs to either an SD card plugged into the slot on the dongle or to the iOS app. It logs things like mileage, speed, top acceleration and speed, and any fault codes that can reveal problems with the engine usually signified by the car’s check engine light. The app will also reset any diagnostic codes for you to turn off that light after the problem has been solved by a repair.

The app for iOS devices is called CleanDrive and will be available soon in the app store. it will be compatible with the iPad, iPhone 4, 3G and 3G, as well as 4th gen iPod Touch. The device costs $89.99.