Best Laptop Bag of 2010: Mobile Edge EVO BackPack

There are too many laptop bags, briefcases and pouches released every year to count, but being a bag-hound that I am I spend way to much time drooling over laptop bags than is healthy and my closet would put a purse addict to shame. Finding the perfect laptop bag in all of this can be a challenge, but this year I found the perfect bag from Mobile Edge.

The Mobile Edge EVO backpack is our pick for best Laptop Bag of 2010 because it does an amazing job of keeping your laptop, or in our case during heavy reviews several laptops, safe as well as offering a nicely laid out collection of pockets and zippers to keep our stuff secure. It does all of this while maintaing a slim profile, looking stylish and with plenty of padding.

Video Review of the Mobile Edge EVO Laptop Backpack:

The best thing about the EVO bag from Mobile Edge is how it supports your laptop. While many laptop bags will cheat and build the laptop protection area right into the bottom of the bag, the EVO keeps it separate in a hanging pouch for extra protection when you put the bag down. This is a big plus since the last Kenneth Cole bag we used didn’t even offer a bit of padding on the bottom of the bag!

You can read about how we used the Mobile Edge Evo bag on our Summer roadtrip to see how it handles life on the road, which is very well and look at many more pictures of the EVO bag including the built in pen and stylus holder as well as the mobile office area that stores thumbdrives and SD cards.

In the end all of these features come together to beat out past favorites from Booq, Speck and many other bag manufacturers and deliver a really amazing product that we carry with us every day.

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