How To Keep Your Notebook Safe While Backpacking

if you plan to spend some time backpacking across the country and plan to bring a notebook with you Nick from the Minimal Nomad has some tips for keeping your notebook and gear safe while traveling. Nick travels all over, living minimally, with his MacBook and he recorded the following video which shares how he handles notebook security while on the go.

Keep in mind, as Nick pointed out these aren’t tips for taking your notebook into the wilderness for a long distance trek where weight is a big factor, but rather backpacking across Europe or taking a cross-country trip.

In the video Nick mentions the PacSafe, a web locker that envelops your backpack and locks it to a pole or other sturdy item. You can see the PacSafe below and marvel at the way it secures an unwieldy backpack without adding a lot of bulk when not in use. You can also check out a Kensington Lock. These locks fit into the security port on most notebooks an laptops, allowing you to secure them to a desk or table. I will be using one on an upcoming road trip where we will put technology to the test.

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