Mobile Edge ScanFast 2.0: Environmentally Friendly Bags Made From Corn

Mobile Edge announced today that the company has partnered with DuPont. With this partnership, Mobile Edge has launched a new collection of bags, incorporating a substance called Sorona. The ScanFast 2.0 Collection of laptop bags would be a great option for environmentally conscious students heading back to school as well as traveling professionals.

Sorona is a polymeric fabric that is produced from corn stock. Reports show that by using Sorona, instead of other materials normally found in laptop bags, greenhouse gasses are reduced by 63%. Not only do these new bags have a smaller environmental footprint, Mobiel Edge claims that Sorona makes them “soft and extremely stain resistant with high strength and stiffness qualities.”

Additionally, Mobile Edge’s ScanFast laptop bags are specially designed to meet TSA standards, allowing travelers to pass through security checkpoints without removing their laptops.

The new ScanFast 2.0 Collection consists of a black briefcase, messenger, and backpack. All are available today for $99 each and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Via Mobile Edge Blog