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Summer Travel Tech: Accessories

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CES: Mobile Edge going green

I stopped by the Mobile Edge suite at the Mandalay Bay Hotel while here at CES to see what was new with one of my favorite mobile product case designers. When I...

Muzetto ‘Man Bags’ for Mobile Gear

muzetto_large_color_copper_mdWaterfield Deigns unveiled a new line of man bags for small notebooks and mobile devices. Made of distressed leather, these bags are targeted at stylish guys who have a little extra money to invest in a high-quality bag.
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Rickshaw Bagworks – Beyond the bag (w/video)

I cannot tell you how bored I have been when searching for a decent laptop bag for my Macbook Pro. I am always looking for a bag that has the right balance of style, function, and of course price. While at Macworld I think I discovered a brilliant bag maker that goes above and beyond in a variety of ways.
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Rhino Skin Aluminum Case for MacBook

Rhino Skin MacBook Rhino Skin introduced a new anodized aluminum case for MacBoks at MacWorld. The case is like a laptop sleeve on steroids. It's super tough, but there's zero room for accessories.
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Booq Folee 2 Hybrid Travel Bag

Booq Folee 2Booq announced the Folee 2 Hybrid Travel Bag. The Folee 2 has an updated look and a larger capacity than its processor. Booq's bags are some of the best designed and manufactured notebook cases on the market, but their sky-high prices keep them out of the hands of many users.
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Booq Boa slimcase Announced

Booq Slimcase BagBooq launched a new line of thin and light notebook bags called the Boa slimcase. Optimized for MacBooks and MacBook Pros, the Boa slimcase is well suited for creative professionals.
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Titan Luggage X2 Flash Notebook Case

Titan X2 Laptop Case The Titan Luggage X2 Flash Laptop case is a stylish and matches the company's X2 line. This hardcase offers some nice protection, especially considering that it weighs only 2.6 pounds. At $435, you get to chose between black, champagne, yellow, pink or green.
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Review: Lowepro Factor Messenger Notebook Bag

Lowepro Factor Messenger Bag We took a close look at the Lowepro Messenger Factor notebook bag over the past couple of weeks. While it isn't the fanciest bags we've seen, it does offer a good value for students and budget-conscious notebook users. It does everything that can be expected of an entry-level notebook bag and offer a touch of design without being too flashy.
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Personalized PhotoWorks Messenger Bag

PhotoWorks Messenger BagPhotoworks, a photo publishing company, is offering customized messenger-style notebook bags for students. Students can have their favorite photos printed on the side of the bags in one of three layouts. The Photoworks messenger bags can accomodate 14-inch notebooks and smaller. The bag itself doesn't look too robust and will set you back $119.
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Show us Your Notebook Bag- Jeremy Toeman

Jeremy Toeman is a blogger and digital media guru. He was formerly a VP at Sling Media (makers of the SlingBox) and now spends his days consulting for tech com...
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Luxury Solar Notebook Bag

  Picard, a German leather goods company, is going solar with a new collection of notebook bags. The Picard Solar line features an array of photovoltaic ...
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Notebook Bags for the Ladies

Microsoft is launching a line of notebook bags for women who want to shy away from boring notebook bags, but still want to keep it professional. The new Madiso...