New Dual Core Sandy Bridge Laptops On Hold Until February

It’s no big secret that Intel is announcing SandyBridge, the next generation of Intel Core i processors at CES 2011 in January, after which practically every laptop maker aside from Apple, would normally announce new laptop models for 2011 with the latest and greatest processors.

But this year may be a little bit different, when Intel announces their latest technology on January 5th, the first set of new updates will be powerful Quad-Core, with the Dual Core versions to arrive in February according to CNet, citing an industry source.

The industry source tells Cnet that the dual core systems running SandyBridge processors won’t actually hit until February, giving the manufacturers plenty of time to clear out the pent up holiday inventory of last year’s laptops.

The new Quad Core processors will show up in larger 15-17″ systems and according to Cnet  include systems from Lenovo and Acer.

When SandyBridge arrives it will bring any benefits to consumers including RapidDrive a hybrid SSD/hard drive that gives users the benefits of a SSD like fast boot times with the benefits of  large amounts of storage. Another benefits is the likely inclusion of NVIDIA graphics processors with Optimus technology that will switch between graphics processors intelligently to deliver power when you need it or longer battery life when you need it.

Check out the demo of RapidDrive below.