How to Prepare for Black Friday – Infographic

If you’ve been following our Black Friday laptop and Black Friday HDTV deals, you’re probably rarin’ to go camp out for Black Friday 2010.

Black Friday isn’t you’re average shopping day, it is one of the craziest days to go into a store because retailers have cut the prices on everything from HDTVs and Laptops to accessories and monitors.

If you want to win on Black Friday, you need to know what you’re doing which is why, makers of the best search engine for finding local products that are in stock at your local stores online and as the Milo Local Shoping app, has created an Infographic to help you survive Black Friday.

From (Click for Larger Version)

In addition, to these tips, we reccomend you read our 10 Things to Look for When Buying a Black Friday Laptop or Netbook.

The best advice we have seen for Black Friday survival is to leave the kids at home and take the stroller. Not only will a sea of shoppers part faster for a stroller than the Red Sea for Moses — you also have more room for your purchases.