hulu Plus Launched Officially for $2 Off, Available on More Devices

Today, hulu Plus was officially launched, opening up the service to all users willing to fork over $7.99 per month for the right to watch the content the service delivers. Most of that content are television programs from the major networks, although not all shows are available. There will also be a free week offered as a trial to new subscribers.

The service was in beta prior to this and also was priced at $9.99 per month. Those users who signed up and were accepted into the beta received an email from the company today promising that they would not only received the new price but also a $2 rebate for each of the months they previously paid for the service plus another $2 to compensate them for not being able to participate in the week free trial.

hulu is also launching access to the service via a few new platforms, including the Sony Playstation, the Roku Box, Boxee Box and soon the Xbox 360 and others. The complete list of supported devices is on their web site.

We will be reviewing the new Roku Box soon. This was one of the apps we really wished was available on the Apple TV reviewed previously. The service is great on the iPad, which we had as our iPad App of the Week a while back.

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