Sony VAIO Laptops Get PS3 Remote Play, Keyboard support

Owners of Select Sony VAIO laptops, including the Sony VAIO EA Series, should now be able to use their notebooks to remotely play PS3 games and as a large PlayStation 3 keyboard. The feature, known as Remote Play, has been available in Japan for some time, and is finally available to some VAIO owners in the U.S.

Remote Play is probably the most intriguing feature. It allows the user to remotely play the PlayStation 3 on the VAIO notebook or on the Sony PSP. With Remote Play the processing is done on the PS3 with a live video streamed over WiFi to the VAIO or the PSP.  Not every game will work with Remote Play, but you can find a list of Remote Play supported games here.

The keyboard feature can be used in the Sony Home area and in games that support the official PS3 wireless keyboard.

Sony VAIO EA users should be able to find the download in the VAIO Update tool as well as some other VAIO models, but there is not yet word on the officially supported Sony VAIO notebooks. If you want to use Remote Play without a VAIO, and don’t mind rolling up your sleeves, you can download a hacked version of the Remote Play software to use on non-VAIO notebooks running Windows 7 and even a VMWare installation on a Mac.

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