Sony Releases Premium TZ, SZ, FZ and AR Notebooks (video)

Sony VAIO Premium NotebooksSony didn’t have any brand spanking new notebooks for us at CES 2008, but they did have some impressively spec’d TZ, SZ, FZ and AR series VAIO notebooks on hand. We stopped by the Sony booth at CES 2008 to take a closer look.

The most expensive VAIO notebook on hand was the 11.1-inch TZ298N/X. Priced at $3,600, the TZ298N/X has a 64GB solid state drive and a 250 GB hard drive, for a total of 314GB of storage capacity. Sony put the SSD where the hard drive normally goes and replaced the optical drive with the 250GB hard drive. The TZ298N/X will ship with an external DVD burner.

The 17-inch AR790U is a configuration of the AR-series VAIO, with 4GB of RAM, 400GB of storage and a Blu-ray disc burner, which can write up to 50GB of data per disc. The $3,300 AR790U is features a 2.5GHz T9300 Intel Core 2 Duo processor NVIDIA 8800M GT GPU with 512mB of RAM.

The VAIO FZ485U Premium Notebook is a relatively affordable HD notebook, with 4GB of RAM, a dedicated graphics card with 256MB of RAM and a Blu-ray burner. The FZ485U will be available for about $2,200.

The VAIO SZ791N/X Premium Notebook comes with the new Intel Core2 Processor T9300, 4GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive for $2,500

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