Sony VAIO Z Teardown Video Shows Tech Inside Super Thin Notebook

The Sony VAIO Z is thinner than a MacBook Air and uses an external Thunderbolt connection to link up to a much more powerful external GPU.

In order to make the VAIO Z so thin, engineers had to change the approach to how your laptop is put together. Instead of stacking parts, like is common on most notebooks, the VAIO Z keeps things flat. This spread out design makes it possible to go thinner than before.

Sony has included a dual fan setup as well in order to keep the notebook cooler and shrink the size of the notebook.

As it turns out, heat is a major issue that prevents notebooks from going as thin as the components can go. To make the Z thinner, Sony added multiple vents, including holes in the keyboard to aid cooling.

The video is pretty interesting if you’ve ever wondered what it looks like inside an ultraportable notebook.

The VAIO Z comes with a price premium, but may show more than you expect about the future of computing. As prices come down, you too may have an ultraportable notebook with the basic power you need, that can be docked at home to power big displays and multimedia needs.

Given Intel’s push for the Ultrabook, we may start seeing more thin notebooks which will need to take advantage of similar strategies to offer a cool notebook experience. Intel’s Ultrabook fund could help make this a reality. Unlike the VAIO Z, which is $2,000, the Ultrabooks are expected to be under $1,000 when they arrive this year.

Because you shouldn’t leave something so expensive in pieces, Sony has also showed us how the VAIO Z gets assembled in this short video.

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