Acer Dual Screen Notebook Sports Twin 15″ Displays and Core i5

In what appears to be the latest craze, next to tablets of course, it looks like Acer is working on a dual screen notebook, similar to the Toshiba Libretto W100. Similar but different that is. The leaked dual screen notebook from Acer adds larger screens and a much more powerful processor – as well as a bit of heft.

The leaked info comes from Tech Review Source whose source claims that the Acer dual screen notebook will have two 15″ displays and be powered by an Intel Core i5 processor which will likely suck up battery power faster than you can say, “Oh crap, where’s the outlet?”

Reportedly the dual screen setup is still, “still slow and buggy”, but both of the screens are multi-touch and reportedly will allow users to send items back and forth between the displays like a traditional dual screen environment. If this notebook makes it to market, the tipster estimates it won’t happen until Fall 2011; and by then it will likely have a prettier case and some revamped specs.

It still seems like these dual-screen notebooks, which require the use of an on-screen keyboard, serve a limited market but I have to agree with Brad Linder from Liliputing when I say — “Ooh, pretty.”

Via Engadget

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