Simple Step to Make Your Lost Laptop Easy to Return

Losing a laptop is a troubling experience and if you’ve locked your computer with a password the likelihood of a getting it back from a  good Samaritan drops drastically since he or she won’t be able to look for a name to go with the device. While we have covered high-tech solutions and you can tag your notebook with a tag to get your StuffBak, a Lifehacker reader came up with an easy and free method for making it easy for the laptop finder to track you down.

Set your password hint to your email and cell phone number. This way if the person tries to logon looking for contact info your information stays safe but they can still find your contact information.

If you do this you should make sure that remember your password and it won’t help if your laptop is stolen, but in the event that it’s found by someone who is honest you and your laptop may be reunited.

To set up a password hint follow these steps in Windows 7.

Via Unplggd

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