Intel SSD 320 Drives Announced: Larger, Faster, Cheaper

Intel has announced the new Intel SSD 320 Series of solid state drives with higher capacity drives and a 30% price reduction over the previous Intel X25-M models.

The new Intel SSD 320 drives deliver 25nm NAND Flash memory and range in size from 40GB up to 600GB and has increased the write speeds up to 220MB/s for sequential writes and continuing read speeds of 270MB/s.

The Intel SSD 320 Drives come in the following prices and sizes:

  • 40GB at $89
  • 80GB at $159
  • 120GB at $209
  • 160GB at $289
  • 300GB at $529
  • 600GB at $1,069

The actual retail pricing will vary from retailer to retailer. Each drive comes with a 1 year warranty from Intel.

Intel SSD 320 Overview Video:

The new faster speeds and larger models mean that, if you have the money, you can update your current hard drive to a faster SSD that will allow you to boot, open programs and get work done faster than before. The Intel SSD 320 series uses the SATA II Interface to connect to your notebook or laptop and will switch out without any modification on most systems.

Boot Speed Showdown – 7200RPM HDD vs. Intel SSD 320:

Corporate Workload Demo of Intel SSD:

You can see the upgrade process in our review of the previous generation Intel X25-M SSDs. Basically, if you can work a screwdriver, you can upgrade to an SSD. Intel even provides a handy tool to copy your operating system and files to the SSD so that you’re ready to go as soon as you power your notebook back on.

How to Install an SSD in your Notebook: