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Review of Phoenix FailSafe: Track Down Lost Laptops and Data

Losing your laptop can be a huge pain. Not only are you out the cost of your laptop but you may have lost confidential documents or a term paper that hasn't yet been backed up. There are several programs and services that let you track down your laptop and even work with law enforcement to help recover a stolen laptop. Phoenix Technologies, notably known for making Bios software, has a new service call FailSafe that helps you track the last place your laptop connected to the internet, retrieve or delete files and even disable the computer completely.
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USPS Loses Five Insured ThinkPads, Compensates Owner w/$74

You might want to avoid shipping notebooks via USPS after reading a story over at the Consumerist. A USPS customer shipped his friend five notebooks and insured them for $3,000. The package never showed up across the country, so he filed an insurance claim. The USPS gave the customer $74 for the lost ThinkPads.