Mobee’s Magic Charger for Apple’s Magic Mouse

Mobee unveiled their new wireless charger for the Apple Magic Mouse this past Friday at the IFA conference in Berlin. The Magic Charger charges the batteries of the Magic Mouse, without the need to remove the batteries.

If you have a bluetooth mouse, you have most likely experienced the frequent need to replace dead batteries. I found it a little more cost-effective to use rechargeable batteries, but they only last so long before I need to pull them out and plug them into the charger.

Mobee’s new Magic Charger aims to lower the amount of money you spend on batteries and make charging the batteries more convenient. Instead of normal batteries, the Mobee wireless charger comes with a battery pack, tailored to fit the Apple Magic Mouse. When the mouse needs charged, simply place it on the Magic Charger and the mouse begins charging. Because it uses inductive charging technology, there is no need to connect the mouse to the Magic Charger. The Magic Charger itself does need to be plugged into either a wall outlet or a USB port on your computer.

Though recharging reportedly takes around six hours, the idea is that you can easily set your mouse on the Magic Charger when it is not in use. This allows for a fully charged mouse at all times. Mobee claims that one more advantage of their Magic Charger is that the battery pack actually weighs less than two standard AA batteries.

The Mobee Magic Charger is expected to ship in the United State around mid-October for $50.

Via Mobee, Electronista

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