HP x4000 Laser Mouse Review

Everyone who uses a mouse knows that the worst time for the battery to run out usually comes when the user needs it most, so the 30 month promised battery life of the HP x4000 Laser Mouse helps reduce the problem of a lifeless mouse cursor. It also looks and feels good while using it.

I’ll admit that when I thought about HP mice, I saw the a crappy mouse included with an old desktop.

Then I tested their recent Wi-Fi mouse and this HP x4000 Laser Mouse, and they both surprised me.

HP makes mice that compete with some of the best wireless laser mice from Logitech and others.


The HP x4000 Laser Mouse looks great. I tested the one with the orange pattern called Scrap Metal. HP also offers one in purple, red and white dots, one that they call Cowa Bunga, and more.

hp x4000 laser mouse

What sets this mouse apart from the typical wireless laser mouse is the promised 30 months of battery life. Obviously I can’t prove or challenge that claim in the short time I used the HP x4000.


Users most want accuracy with a laser mouse, especially for detail work like working with photos, playing video games, or just clicking on the small buttons in the average software app. The HP x4000 Laser Mouse gave me very accurage mousing and kept tracking no matter what.

The mouse felt good in long computing sessions. I connected it to my MacBook Pro and used it instead of the large Apple trackpad and really enjoyed the use. The buttons click with a firm press meaning no accidental clicks if the user rests his or her fingers on the buttons.

Not My Preferred Style

hp x4000 laser mouse bottom

The clicking scroll wheel annoys me. I want a mouse that scrolls freely, which his why I really like the Logitech Performance Mouse MX. On a Mac it’s not a big issue since I can just use the trackpad for scrolling quickly. I also prefer a Bluetooth mouse or HP’s other mouse that I recently tested which connects via Wi-Fi. As one who uses a notebook nearly 100 percent of the time, I’d prefer to leave the dongles at home.

While the HP x4000 doesn’t match my personal preferences of a Bluetooth Mouse and smooth scrolling wheel, I can say that the mouse feels good to use and works great.

At only $29.99 it offers a great value to those who don’t mind wireless mice that use dongles and include clicking scroll wheels. Pick one up at your local office or electronics store or go over to Amazon and find one of the various styles for under $20.

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