HP Wireless TV Connect, Uninterrupted Wireless HD Streaming

Today, HP announced the HP Wireless TV Connect. This new device will enable users to stream 1080p HD content from a notebook to a HDTV, without being tethered to the TV.

The HP Wireless TV Connect is a compact media streaming box that plugs into almost any notebook PC with a HDMI port. HP claims that it will enable users to experience HD content without time-lag between the notebook and the display — and without installing any extra software. It also supports protected content, something that Intel’s Wireless Display can’t.

The HP Wireless TV Connect can be run without a separate power cable. With the notebook adapter, the HP Wireless TV Connect can be powered by a USB port on the notebook in use. This allows freedom to sit anywhere in the room, without the need to be tethered to a power outlet.

An alternative service, Intel Wireless Display technology, already provides this ability. However, this technology is limited to notebooks with Intel integrated graphics. HP Wireless TV Connect offers this ability to higher end notebooks with discrete graphics processors.

The HP Wireless TV Connect is expected to be available this October, with prices starting at $199.99.

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