Apple to Live Stream Tomorrow’s Announcements

Image from TechCrunch

At 1 PM Eastern, 10 AM Pacific on September 1st Apple will be holding a live announcement that most expect to have something to do with a refresh of the iPod Touch and Nano.

For the first time in many years, Apple will stream it live on their website. According to the press release, to view it will require a Mac OS X version 10.6, an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad with iOS 3.0 or higher. That is mostly likely because it will be in HTML5 compatible video meaning that just about every modern browser should work, including the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.  UPDATE: However there is one site that is speculating that it will in fact only work on a Mac or iOS device. So be ready if you don’t have a Mac. I am betting TwitTV will cover it with the video on their systems.

Some of the most likely rumors include the following:

  • A new iPod Touch with Retina display like iPhone 4 and a front facing camera. This may make it capable of making Facetime calls with the iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi using an email address instead of a phone number.
  • Refreshed iPod Nano that is capable of streaming music thanks to the technology acquired in Apple’s purchase of Lala.
  • Cloud based iTunes also thanks to technology from Lala.
  • A touchscreen Nano.
  • Updated Apple TV that will be cheaper and capable of streaming Internet video to a television for only $99. Some say evidence for this is the recent price cut by Roku for their Internet streaming to TV box
  • $.99 TV shows rentals streamed to the new iTV or iOS devices.
  • Wall Streat Journal says ABC and FOX shows will be included in TV rental streaming.
  • Bloomberg says Netflix streaming will be part of a new iTV.
  • The iTV will be an iOS device with the ability to run apps and controlled by Apple’s new Magic Trackpad or other iOS devices.

A less likely rumor says there will be a 7-inch iPad. There is, however, little external evidence of that. Apple could also announce the date of the iPad update to iOS 4.1, something current iPad owners are longing to see.

There is also a report that  Apple is working on a hardware update that will fix the iPhone 4 antenna issues. The new version of the iPhone 4 will go on sale Oct. 1 the day after the free case giveaway ends.

Finally, it has been mentioned by some pundits that there will be news of an iPhone on Verizon. While many signs point to that happening soon, iPhone update announcements almost always come in January. The evidence that points toward this happening also seems to lead observers to believe it is not ready to be announced this soon.

We will be covering it here at, so check back as soon the event starts to keep up with the latest news.

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