Samsung Galaxy Tab, September 2nd Release Date

Today, Samsung posted a teaser video for the rumored Samsung Galaxy Tab, revealing many of the tablet’s features, as well as a release date.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab may be the tablet to finally rain on Apple’s iPad parade. Though the official specs have yet to be released there are a few things that can be deduced from Samsung’s teaser video. The tablet will feature:

  • a 7-inch screen
  • Android 2.2 Froyo operating system
  • Rear camera (with possible LED flash)
  • Video calling, though a front-facing camera has not yet been confirmed
  • Swype
  • HD movie playback
  • Flash support
  • GPS navigation
  • an eReader
  • Augmented Reality

The end of the video claims a September 2nd release in Berlin, Germany. There is currently no information on price, or availability.

Rumors of this tablet have been going around for a while now. The Samsung Galaxy Tab was even spotted in the wild earlier this week. We can’t help but wonder what this means for the Samsung YP-MB2 PMP rumor that came out about a month ago. The PMP was rumored to be Samsung’s version of the iPod Touch. Maybe news about this device will be revealed on September 2nd as well.

Via Engadget

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