Clingo Universal Hands Free Mount Review – Road Trip Tested

While most in-the-car devices sold these days can be used with a specific hands free mount, if you have an arsenal of gadgets that could fill your glovebox twice over, then you should check out a universal hands free holder.

Most universal hands free holders are clunky affairs that require adjusting numerous bars and levers and ultimately a sharp curve or fast acceleration is all it takes to lose your GPS, iPhone or other gadget to the floor of your car. That’s what sets the Clingo Universal Hands Free Mount apart — it has no moving parts to perfectly fit your gadget, just a really sticky flat surface.

I’ll admit when I first looked at the Clingo Universal Hands mount I had my doubts that it could hold a phone going around hard corners, but after from Northwest Ohio to Mount Rushmore and along the serpentine Iron Mountain Road that leads north to the Mount Rushmore monument, my doubts no longer exist.

The Clingo Universal Hands Mount does exactly what it says, it holds anything you put on it until you no longer want it to. Sometimes, it has such a hold on your phone it may not want to let go. After driving past Chicago in the noonday sun the heat from my Droid (which was using GPS, Bluetooth and 3G) was enough that we had to hold it up to the air conditioner for several miles before the phone could be removed.

Even with unwillingness to release my phone I still give the Clingo “two clingy thumbs up”. It holds onto your gadgets like a kid holds onto his toys on Christmas morning and it can handle any phone, GPS or mp3 player no matter what case you have it inside; which is great news if you happen to own one of those new “case required” iPhone 4 models.

The Clingo Universal Hands Free Mount is $34.99 and there is also a Clingo vent model that attaches to the vents in your car for $19.99.

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