SwiftPoint Mouse Now Available for Preorder – Small and Unique

Swiftpoint has started taking preorders for the Swiftpoint Mouse, which the company calls the “Future Mouse”. The Swiftpoint mouse is a small, uniquely designed optical wireless mouse that is gripped almost like a pen and meant for use while traveling or working in compact spaces.

The Swiftpoint mouse is a small wireless mouse that is gripped in your right hand like a pen and has a scrollwheel along the bottom the allows for scrolling up and down as well as side to side. The mouse comes with a “Parking Accessory” which plugs into your computer’s USB port and acts as the wireless transmitter and charging station. Swiftpoint claims that the mouse can last 2-4 weeks on a single charge and more importantly provides an hour of juice with just a 30-second rapid charge.

It’s not the Invisible Mouse of the future, but it is pretty small and a break from the norm of a full size mouse shrunk and called a travel mouse.

Additional Swiftpoint mouse features and benefits can be found at the product website and in the video demo below.

The Swiftpoint mouse is currently only available for preorder at $69.95, which reflects a $10 discount, with delivery stated for August.

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