Will it Blend? iPhone 4 To the Test with a Contest

Will it Blend? It seems like such an odd question to ask about gadgets. For some reason we’re no longer content with unboxings and tear-downs, but instead obsessed over whether the latest and greatest gadgets will blend in a BlendTec blender. Why you ask? Because it’s cool, that’s why. If you don’t believe me ask Tom Dickson, he knows a thing or two about blenders!

In true fashion the iPhone 4 has been put to the test in a Blendtec blender. This time, instead of skipping straight to the blending the team has a bit of fun, perhaps at Gizmodo’s expense, which adds to the blending session.

To celebrate the iPhone 4 launch, and subsequent blending, BlendTec is giving away an iPhone 4 – and paying your contract for 2 years – and blending your old iPhone on a future episode. To enter, visit Blendtec.com and click on the Blend my Phone contest.

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