iPhone 4 Coming Early for Some, Not at All For Others

According to an email being sent out to Apple preorder customers, some of them will be getting their iPhone 4 order a day early!

The email says: This email is to confirm that your delivery will occur on June 23rd.” According to the email, FedEx may not have the latest info, so you may want to wait until the morning of the 23rd to look up the status of your iPhone 4 order.

Also, Gizmodo is reporting that someone from inside the bowels of a WalMart storeroom snapped a picture of a new iPhone in box. Why these tipsters can’t ever get sharp pictures I don’t know. Don’t get your hopes up, Gizmodo made it clear that the CDMA sticker behind the iPhone 4 box had nothing to do with the iPhone, so this isn’t a Verizon iPhone.

Finally, I spoke to a friend who got through to order his new Apple iPhone 4 last week. He was told by AT&T that he was eligible for an upgrade, but then had his order cancelled by Apple because they could not confirm that he was indeed eligible for an upgrade. At the time of this article being posted, he was still on the phone with AT&T. If I get more information I will post it.

Update: My friend got his eligibility reinstated, but still lost his preorder. He will have to wait for a later wave so decided to just wait till the white iPhone comes out, which he really wanted to do anyway.

Here is what AT&T is saying about what to expect if you have ordered your iPhone 4.

Update: I asked around the Notebooks.com and Gottabemobile.com staff and a couple of our writers will get theirs early while our boss Xavier Lanier is getting his by picking it up on launch day. Since I reserved mine at Best Buy, I will hopefully be picking it up there on launch day.

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