iPad Keyboard: The Clackity Clack Kind

Many have posted how the iPad’s Dock to USB connector intended for use with digital cameras can also be used with some USB devices like headsets and il_430xN.150470516 keyboards. According to a comment on our article about it, the connector is actually not great for its intended use, so maybe USB keyboard is the best use for it. But I don’t think this is what most of us had in mind when we imagined hooking our iPads up to a keyboard to have a more tactile typing experience. Go on over to USBTypewriter and you can get a USB Typewriter from inventor Jack Zylkin. Not a keyboard but an old fashioned clackity clack typewriter that has somehow been hacked with a USB interface and cab be hooked up to an Apple iPad or a computer.

The site describes it this way:

The USBTypewriterâ„¢ is a new and groundbreaking innovation in the field of obsolescence.  Lovers of the look, feel, and quality of old fashioned manual typewriters can now use them as keyboards for any USB-capable computer, such as a PC, Mac, or even iPad!  The modification is easy to install, it involves no messy wiring, and does not change the outward appearance of the typewriter.  So the end result is a retro-style USB keyboard that not only looks great, but feels great to use.

Below is a demo of the USB Typewriter with the iPad Dock.

Only manual keyboards work. But there are three options for getting one:

  • Buy a USB Typewriter ready to go starting at $400.
  • Buy a kit to turn your manual typewriter into a USB Typewriter for $75.
  • Send Zylkin your keyboard and he’ll do all the work for you for $200.

I can only imagine that guy with the 40s style hat that has a card with the word scoop” written on it actually wanting to use this. But it sure would be a nice conversation piece. Can you imagine this setup on your desk?


Horrible photoshop work by me.

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