Blu Ray Drive with Built in SSD is Awesome

Hitachi has come up with a really cool hybrid storage device: a Blu-Ray Drive with an embedded 32GB solid state Drive. This new breakthrough is made possible by the shrinking physical size of flash memory. If Hitachi LG has their way this new Hy-Drive will be part of a Hybrid storage solution aimed at better performance.

The way it would work is much like current Hybrid storage models. You’re important system files and Windows installation files would be stored on the fast solid state drive and your huge media files would reside on a standard hard drive also in the notebook. This type of setup would provide you with better performance.

There is no current estimate of the cost that a Hy-Drive Blu-Ray+SSD combo drive would add to a computer, but we should find out later this year when Hitachi makes the drives available to manufacturers. Until then you’ll just have to marvel in the ingenuity of Hitachi’s engineers.

Via Dvice

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