Mac OS X v 10.7 will not have an App Store

Right now, Apple developers are testing version 10.6.4 of the Mac OS X operating system.  But, there is already a lot of discussion about version 10.7, not due out until sometime next year.  The biggest speculation was the idea of a Mac App store being built into the operating system, which would only allow the system to run Apple approved applications.  Luckily, this just wasnt the case.

According to 9to5Mac, Steve Jobs has dismissed a Mac App Store in 10.7 that some folks believed would force us to install and run only Apple-approved apps. Rixstep, the developer who started this rumor, apparently fired off an email to Steve Jobs, seeking clarification whether or not Apple in fact plans such a move:

Hey Steve,

There’s a rumor saying there will be a Mac App Store and no software without authorization from Apple will run on Mac OS X. Is that true?

Apple’s boss’ response? A simple nope.”

A Mac App Store would not necessarily be a bad idea. Look at what Intel is doing with their Intel App Up program.  Its a great idea for finding applications to run on a Mac and being able to buy, download, and install them quickly.  Maybe there will be something, maybe not?  Steve can always change his mind.

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